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Other Transport Work

Low Carbon Transport


Division of Technology, Industry and Economics,
Transport Unit

United Nations Environment Programme
P.O Box 30552 Nairobi KENYA
Tel: (+254 20) 7624184 Fax: (+254 20) 7625264
Email: clean.transport@unep.org


The Transport Team

Rob de Jong

Unit Head
Overall Supervision
Fund Raising

Jane Akumu

Focal Point for Africa
Coordination Lead and Sulphur campaigns

Khamala Ernest

Focal Point for Public Transport

Annemarie Kinyanjui

Public Transport
Non Motorised Transport

David Rubia

Clean Fleet Management
UNEP focal Point for Cooperation with Global Fuel Economy Initiative


Veronica Ruiz-Stannah

Focal Point for Latin America & Caribbean
Communications and Information issues


Elisa Dumitrescu

Focal Point for Central and Eastern Europe


Fabian Bert

Focal Point for Asia & Pacific


Maryam Bashir

Administration Support i.e. Budget, Project Management

george githeki maina

George Maina

Websites Management

PCFV Global Clean Fuels and Vehicles Database

Susan Gitau

Secretarial Support and HR issues

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Experience Sharing on Development of Low-carbon Comprehensive Mobility Plans (LCMPs) for Indian Cities
22-23 August 2013, Udaipur, India
Developing Policies and Strategies for Low Carbon Transport in India
24 August 2012, New Delhi, India
ICCT recommends hybrid diesel Euro IV buses for Eastern Africa cities
Addis Ababa - 30 July, Kampala - 1 August and Nairobi - 3 August
UN praises UK effort to make Olympics sustainable
27 July 2012, Bikya Masr
Kenya’s media raise awareness of local Infrastructure Concerns
21 June 2012, Daily Nation and the Star

Global Clean Fuels and Vehicles Database

The global Clean Fuels and Vehicles Database is a UNEP global public database for fuel quality, vehicle standards and its automotive fuel efficiency at the national level. 

Click here to Access the Database >>

Auto Fuel Efficiency and Climate Change

This product is designed to provide policy makers and interested individuals and groups with overviews of policy tools and approaches to improving fleet-wide auto fuel efficiency and promote lower CO2 and non-CO2 emissions from cars, along with case studies that depict these approaches from developed and developing countries.

Click here to Access the ToolSet >>

UNEP/TNT Toolkit for Clean Fleet Strategy Development

This Toolkit will help you develop a strategy for reducing the envrionmental impacts of your fleet. To develop your own fleet strategy you need to follow the steps below. Start with opening the Step by Step action plan on this homepage.

Click here to Access the Toolkit>>

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